Anonymous asked:

so, it's not okay for Nat Wolff to put his arm (hand, i mean) beside Shai's boobs but it's okay for Theo to put his hand underneath her breast line in front of enormous people (LA Premiere)... Well done, Shai :') (talking about GIF of Shai rejected Nat's arm)

sheo-fanfic answered:


For those of you who haven’t see the complete gifset yet, here it is: (x)


You watch the gif, though, and you realize that Nat put his hand underneath her armpit and squeezed her there… Maybe it was a prank, but if I were Shai, I definitely would not have let it fly either. 

On the other hand…


While Theo does like touching her underneath her boob (in this picture, his fingers are literally skimming the bottom of her boob), he never does anything more than that… He’s a complete gentleman in that aspect^^ Plus, that spot is his spot, his hand is comfortable there. No one else is allowed to touch Shai so intimately :)

All in all, such close touching is a Sheo thing, and only a Sheo thing :D